Why Glass Jars are the Best for Storing Cannabis

When it comes to stores and displaying cannabis products, it’s important that retailers present their goods in an attractive, polished manner. Green Tech Packaging offers an array of professional-grade products, including glass jars that will keep your cannabis in top condition while showcasing it to customers in a compelling manner. Here are three key reasons why glass jars from Green Tech Packaging are your best option for storing cannabis:

Glass Jars Help Product Your Products

Cultivating cannabis flowers and refining them into other products like edibles, gummies, and concentrates is a significant investment, so you want to do whatever you can to minimize lost product due to things like mold, mildew, damage from UV rays, and humidity. Glass jars have a tight seal that keeps humidity out of the container, which helps keep your cannabis products fresh. Dark glass jars can block harmful UV rays.

Finally, using glass jars instead of plastic containers or other means of storage keeps your product pure. Some plastic materials have a slight static charge, which can pull trichomes from the cannabis flower onto the interior of the container. Glass does not have a static charge, so your customers will not see any deterioration in the flowers.

Glass Jars Are Ideal For Showcasing Your Products

Customers like to interact with a product as much as possible before they buy it, and glass jars are perfect for showing off your goods in an aesthetically pleasing way. If a customer is interested in buying marijuana flowers, a clear glass jar lets them see the shape, color, and texture. They can also open the jars to take a closer look and smell the flower, and the smell will be preserved by the glass jar’s tight seal.

Glass jars also work well for displaying other cannabis products, such as edibles, concentrates, and gummies. The clear glass lets customers have a good look at what’s inside, and the sealed jar will also help preserve the products.

Glass Jars Offer Many Opportunities For Branding

Branding is just as important in the cannabis industry as it is in any other business, so take the opportunities to promote yourself whenever you can. Glass cannabis jars can have customized lids, labels, wraps, and more. If you want to get fancy, you can even etch your logo into the side of a glass jar. Given how many dispensaries are opening up in areas where cannabis is legal, you need to make sure you stand out from your competition, and some premium branding with glass jars can help.

Green Tech Packaging Is Here To Meet Your Cannabis Packing Needs

The glass jars from Green Tech Packaging are professionally manufactured and meet all necessary state and federal regulatory requirements. We can work with you on an array of branding options for your containers. We treat all of our clients with courtesy and respect, no matter the size of company. Call (800) 674-9488 or visit our website today to learn more.