Which Print Method Works Best for Branding Plastic Screw Caps?

If you've ever started your own business, you've no doubt read through countless articles reinforcing the importance of branding. A strong brand is the engine that powers your marketing; a focal point that thoroughly yet succinctly communicates the essence of your product or company. You may be able to find success in a start up without relying on branding but it will be short-lived and it certainly won't grow to the levels of the bigger names. Even if you've got the perfect brand, it won't do you any good to leave it collecting dust away from an interactive market. There are seemingly countless ways to get your brand out to potential customers. Printing your logo on the screw cap of your product packaging is a method that's as affordable as it is effective. But with so many different ways to achieve this, which method is right for your business?

Precise Results from Laser Coding

Laser coding (also referred to as laser marking) may sound like science fiction to those unfamiliar with the process. Until fairly recently, it wasn't as widely used as some of the other methods we're discussing but it's mix of precision and affordability has seen it grow in popularity. While laser coding can be applied to a variety of materials including metal and rubber, we're specifically focused on plastic screw caps. Whether laser coding would work well with your screw caps depends on the type of product your packaging. That's because laser coding has the added benefit of holding up under exposure to water, sugar and a host of other chemicals that may corrode other print options. For this reason, you'll often see laser coding applied to product packaging in the food industry.

Continuous Ink Jet Printing for Vibrant Screw Caps

If you need your printed screw caps to stay resistant under even more demanding conditions, your best bet will likely be continuous ink jet printing. Screw caps featuring logos printed using continuous ink jet technology are popular in both the food and cosmetic industries since the results stay strong and vibrant even when exposed to oily creams. If color is important to your branding, you will also benefit from the wealth of color options afforded by continuous ink jet printing.

Flexographic Printing Faces the Elements

Flexographic Printing Faces the Elements

Though continuous ink jet printing can turn out some colorful results, flexographic printing holds its own in the vibrance category. Flexo printing produces rugged results that can even resist weather erosion in many cases. If you need your branded screw caps to be scratch resistant, flexo printing will be one of your best choices. Likewise, if you need to print on a porous material, flexographic printing is the most adept selection, accurately handling what would take other methods several layers to recreate. Flexography is also a great option if you want to avoid any potential ink calibration issues.

Before you embark on any any custom printing jobs on your screw caps, you need to review your product's features and how those may interact with your preferred printing process. Another factor you'll need to measure before making any commitments is the amount of time the procedure is expected to take versus when you need the packaging. Last but certainly not least, you'll need to consider budget since some printing procedures are much more affordable than others. Printing your brand onto the plastic screw caps of your packaging is an inexpensive touch that really adds to the professional look of your product. Doing your homework ahead of time will make sure your expectations are reflected in reality.