What is shatter, and how is it different from other concentrates?

Shatter is one of the most potent cannabis concentrates available, but what exactly is it?

Shatter can be made from many different types of cannabis; the only difference between shatter and other types of cannabis concentrates like wax or honey oil is how they are created. Wax and honey oil are made through "combustion," while shatter is produced by using water to extract oils from plant material. This creates an end product with much higher THC levels than its counterparts, with some samples containing as much as 80% THC content!

This blog post will cover what shatter looks like, what it tastes like, what you should do if you spill it on your clothes or carpeting, and how to store your shatter concentrates.

How is shatter concentrate created?

Shatter is made using BHO (called Butane Hash Oil), but unlike its cousin wax, which uses n-butane to extract the resin from plant matter, shatter uses isopropyl alcohol as a solvent. This creates an end product much closer to resembling the essential oils produced by cannabis. This process also renders what many refer to as 'live' concentrates; because the extraction process does not burn any material away, all 100% of the original ingredients are used in creating shatter.

This production method leads to much higher THC counts than other methods like water hash or dry sieve; however, it requires access to large quantities of ethanol and hours-long purging times at precise temperatures. This makes shatter one of the most expensive types of cannabis concentrate available, even in legal markets.

What does shatter concentrate look like?

cannabis and shatter

Shatter can come in many different colors, but the most typical shade is a translucent amber resembling liquid glass/plastic when stretched across a surface.

Some types of shatter may appear opaque or have yellow, pink, red, or orange tones to them, depending on what strain it is made from. Shatter's consistency will also depend on the type of material the extract was created with; for example, some are darker and have a waxier texture, while others are lighter and fluffier. Creamy shatter tends to be the purest form since there has been no solvent added during production. Creaminess indicates purity, which makes sense when considering how many solvents are used in other concentrates' creation processes!

Shatters from CBD-dominant strains tend to be much lighter than those produced using THC dominant cannabis; however, both types of shatter will have the same consistency when melted down. The consistent texture is similar to maple syrup or slightly more solidified lava rock candy (more viscous).

What does shatter taste like?

They typically contain terpenes-specific smells depending on what kind of cannabis plant material was used in their production. For example, if the extract was made with Indica leaves/buds, you might expect an earthy flavor compared to the citrusy flavor produced if the extract was made with Sativa leaves/buds.

Shatter also tends to have a thicker consistency than other cannabis concentrates but can be more brittle. Shatter is one type of marijuana concentrate that you could start with since it tends to be available in more dispensaries than other types of cannabis concentrates.

How do I store my shatter properly?

The best way to ensure your shatter lasts as long as possible, is to keep it stored in glass. Glass provides the best barrier against outside forces, making them perfect for cannabis storage. Using glass jars can be especially helpful because they will protect shatter from oxygen exposure, while still allowing you to see your concentrate's color and consistency.

  • When choosing a glass jar for shatter storage containers, make sure the glass is thick and sturdy.
  • Make sure you choose a glass jar with an airtight seal to keep out any outside forces such as light, moisture, or oxygen.
  • Glass jars are also great because they can be safely stored in freezers preventing your shatter from melting if it does become exposed to some heat.
  • The glass jars can be easily labeled to help you remember what shatter concentrate is inside your glass container.

Where can I buy glass jars for storing shatter concentrate?

The best place to start your search is online. Since the popularity of cannabis concentrate products has increased, many manufacturers have created shatter storage jars that can be purchased from various websites.

Another great place to check for glass jars is at your local dispensary or head shop! There are plenty of quality containers out there with varying shapes and sizes - make sure you always ask if the packaging is child-proof before purchasing it!

Shatter can be found in many dispensaries across states where cannabis is legal; however, some people prefer to buy their shatter storage containers for convenience purposes. If you plan to use glass jars for shatter storage, I highly recommend investing in an airtight lid sealer so that the jar stays tightly shut.

At GreenTechPackaging, you can find the best glass jar storage containers for shatter at an affordable rate! These glass jars are child-resistant and reusable for your shatter.

What should I do if I spill it on my clothes or carpeting?

Cannabis-infused materials are known to be hard to clean, but shatter is even harder to clean up than most. So if you spill this type of concentrate on your clothes or carpeting, try covering it with a paper towel and scraping the residue into a pile with something like your fingernail or a credit card (try not to put too much weight on the material containing the spilled cannabis; if applicable).

Don't use water to clean up any spills made by shatter because of solvent concerns. It's also recommended that you avoid using paper towels since they may make matters worse by spreading pieces of your cannabis-based product around.

Final Words

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