What is a PTFE paper?

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a synthetic polymer that is used in prosthetic joints in the medical field. It's instrumental because of its outstanding non-stick qualities. PTFE is nearly non-porous, and even harmful bacteria and viruses cannot attach to it. But it's also a polymer with a variety of applications.

A PTFE paper is made up by combining PTFE sheets with parchment. The paper's PTFE coating provides the surface non-stick qualities. Depending on the thickness of the paper, a PTFE sheet may have a different number of applications. These include food storage, corrosion protection, and even as a building material.

A typical application of PTFE sheets is as an easy-to-clean surface for cooking. For example, you can line pans with this type of PTFE sheet to prevent sticking during the cooking process.

Use of PTFE paper in Cannabis products

The characteristics of this product make it ideal for storing cannabis concentrate in a dispensary. It's perfect for packaging and storing the products. 

For example, parchment is useful for dispensaries that make a lot of high-volume sales of cannabis concentrate. A cannabis concentrate is a high-potency form of THC. In some cases, it's as pure as 90 percent. In some dispensaries, dabs are available for sale in the concentrated form. Dabs are made from butane hash oil. The process involves extracting THC from plant material with butane and then boiling off the solvent to leave just the THC behind. As such, PTFE sheets are an ideal way to package and safely handle these kinds of cannabis products.

Complimentary products

cannabis resin on parchment paper

PTFE sheet goes well with parchment paper because both have non-stick qualities that make them compatible for packaging cannabis concentrate or doing other things like baking or cooking where a non-stick surface is helpful.

In addition, the PTFE paper sheet enhances the taste of cannabis concentrate. It's a common belief that using parchment paper will interfere with the flavors involved in dabbing. Parchment paper is often used for baking and cooking, but it has been suggested that this kind of paper carries a flavor profile from other foods or storage materials.

A package of PTFE sheets should come with a warning to keep it away from foods with strong odors. However, an additional benefit of this product is its low residual odor after use. It should have almost no contaminating effect on the flavor of cannabis concentrate being stored in it. Thus, there's no need to use parchment paper as an alternative whose characteristics are similar to those of PTFE paper.

As an alternative, parchment paper may be used for wrapping or packaging cannabis concentrate to make it more attractive. Additionally, because an expanded PTFE sheet works well with flat or cylindrical objects, parchment paper could be a substitute for glass storage containers. These are perfectly suitable for storing cannabis products in a freezer and for use with non-stick-coated cookware.

Why should you use PTFE paper?

Laboratory grade PTFE paper is necessary for your dispensary packaging strategy. It has a wide range of applications, and it's compatible with parchment paper. It also enhances the taste of cannabis concentrate when the two are used together, so you can simplify your packaging by using both products in tandem. By doing so, you do not need to worry about contaminating the flavor. In addition, it has industrial applications for being non-reactive to aggressive chemicals.

The benefits don't stop there. PTFE paper is an effective way to tighten up your dispensary packaging strategy and ensure that your product is shipped safely from one place to another. In doing so, you can reduce losses, meet compliance requirements quickly, increase sales volume, and stimulate growth while complying with all the state regulations for dispensaries.

  1. PTFE paper minimizes the waste of cannabis extract.
  2. It has more surface area than parchment paper, providing a more profitable opportunity for packaging cannabis concentrate.
  3. Your productivity will increase by using pre-cut sheets of PTFE paper.
  4. The PTFE finish provides a non-stick surface for more convenient handling.
  5. Using PTFE for storing and packaging cannabis extract is inexpensive.
  6. There are no harmful chemicals, so it's suitable for the cannabis and the end-user.
  7. PTFE has a low carbon footprint since it is biodegradable.
  8. Heat-resistant PTFE paper can keep the cannabis concentrate effective even after being exposed to high temperatures. PTFE paper is used for packaging cannabis extraction for sale in dispensaries. In addition, the product may be stored in homes or businesses that maintain proper temperature conditions.
  9. The need for non-stick quality makes this paper an ideal substitute for parchment paper when storing and handling cannabis extract.

PTFE paper over Parchment paper

The benefits of using PTFE paper instead of parchment paper can also be helpful when making candy or cooking other things that involve high temperatures. Generally speaking, you won't have to worry about flavor contamination with this product. If there's no concern about residual odor interfering with the taste of cannabis concentrate being dabbed, then why not use it?

The downside of PTFE paper

scraping cannabis concentrate off parchment paper

PTFE paper has dust particles from the manufacturing process that could affect the flavor of cannabis concentrate during storage if there's any contamination involved in handling it before use by dispensaries or customers.

For example, if PTFE paper is stored near a shelf where a package of regular parchment paper is kept, fibers could penetrate the box and contaminate the concentrates stored in the PTFE paper.

It's also worth noting that hot cannabis concentrate can produce smoke with a strong odor and release harmful chemicals when kept too long under high temperatures.

If using PTFE paper correctly, it should have almost no contaminating effect on the flavor during storage. In this case, you should not need to worry about contamination from parchment paper or other materials. This is another advantage of using this product over regular parchment paper.

Final Words

It may be evident to you now that using PTFE paper is the way to go when packaging cannabis concentrate in a dispensary. With its excellent non-stick properties, it's an ideal material for wrapping cannabis concentrate. If you want to package cannabis extract and keep your product fresh and uncontaminated, try using PTFE paper instead of parchment paper.

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