The Doob Tube is Perfectly Designed for Pre Roll Packaging

Pre rolls are one of the hottest sellers in cannabis dispensaries so you can bet a busy dispensary has a ready supply of doob tubes on hand at all times. If you're unfamiliar, a doob tube is simply a plastic container that's sized specifically for storing pre rolls. Since pre rolls come in a range of sizes, you can expect the same from doob tubes. Though the sizes may vary, the long thin shape is consistent across doob tube models. So why would someone choose a doob tube for pre roll storage over another type of container on the market?


One of the major reasons the doob tube is such a trusted storage option is its ability to extend the freshness of a pre roll. The design of the doob tube is such that an airtight seal is created preserving the freshness of the herb. Obviously, this is integral for pre rolls packaged for the dispensary environment since it can sometimes take over a month from harvest to dispensary shelf due to regulatory testing. Let's also keep in mind that not every patient is going to suck down a full pre roll in one sitting. You want a reliable doob tube that can keep your remaining medicine fresh in a compact, airtight space. 

Vial Durability


The average doob tube is crafted from rugged plastic that can endure some abuse. Again, this is a vital attribute during the transition from producer to dispensary. But that durability extends to the trip from the dispensary to the consumer's home too. Even rough public commutes won't faze a doob tube. Whether you're sandwiched onto a busy train or being jostled around on a bumpy bus ride, your pre roll will remain perfectly intact for the full trip home. 

Moisture Resistant

But what if you live in a rainy climate? Would your recent pre roll acquisition stand a chance of making it back to your home, safe, sound and, most importantly, dry? Many doob tube models are moisture resistant, keeping the herb nestled within nice, dry and ready to be toasted. It's still probably a good idea to avoid jumping into a pool with a doob tube in the pocket of your swim trunks though. 


Back to that public commute home, have you ever tried boarding public transit with something truly cumbersome? It's not a party for anyone involved. Fortunately, a doob tube is designed to fit a pre roll securely, so you can expect even the largest of doob tubes to be quite small. Pocket-sized even. This makes them a discrete packaging option for pre rolls and one that's unmatched in portable convenience. 


That small size also contributes to the doob tube's overall inconspicuousness. The last thing you want to draw attention to you when you get on a bus or train is a pocket full of loud. Not only does a doob tube conceal the pre roll but it also blocks the release of that telltale odor. It can definitely spare you some awkward moments.

You don't really have to look too hard to find a good doob tube since most dispensaries package their pre rolls in something similar. However, you can also order quality doob tubes in bulk through online wholesalers. While there are a myriad of ways to store cannabis products, the design of the doob tube has solidified its place as the most efficient.