How Do You Choose the Best Size of Cosmetic Jars for Your DIY Makeup?

There are some jobs in our everyday lives that are just too important to trust to anyone else. For most of us, this wouldn't extend to creating our own cosmetics. But DIY makeup is more popular than it's ever been. A lot of this has to do with the internet, providing small time cosmetics entrepreneurs platforms such as Etsy that allow them to reach a much larger audience than a booth at the local farmer's market. But control also plays a huge role. Consumers who oppose animal testing but have trouble finding vegan makeup brands to those with distinct skin allergies find themselves concocting their own custom lipsticks and eyeshadows that they can trust without a second thought. But DIY makeup still needs the right cosmetic packaging, even if it's strictly for personal use.

Trial and Error

If you're planning to whip up a batch of lip coloring, how can you determine which cosmetic jars are the right size for your product? In most cases, this will come down to a good eye and probably a bit of trial-and-error. You'll find a vast variety of sizes for makeup jars on the market. This is good because it means there's a perfect fit for the size you need. It's also kind of bad because you may go through a few glass cosmetic jars before you find the right one.

The True Meaning of Size

Whether you're shopping in a brick-and-mortar crafts store or online, the sizes of plastic or glass cosmetics jars are usually clearly stated. However, it's important to recognize the meaning behind the size of a makeup jar. In most cases, the size will be referring to how much content the cosmetic jar can store. It's easy to confuse this stated size as an indicator of the size of the jar itself. For example, if you're browsing our site and come across a 6 milliliter glass cosmetic jar, it means that it will hold approximately 6 milliliters of liquid (or 6 grams of weight).

Consider What's Going Into Your Cosmetic Jars

Consider What's Going Into Your Cosmetic Jars

However, the science here can get a bit tricky when working with commodities as diverse as makeup. Mascara will not have the same consistency as foundation powder, thus a container of mascara will not weigh the same as a container of powder, even if those containers are the exact same size. When you start factoring in how tightly the powder is packed into the cosmetic packaging, you'll start to see how determining the right size of makeup container can get a bit complex.

Fortunately, cosmetic jars are inexpensive and reusable so trial and error tests aren't that taxing. The best makeup jars will keep your custom made cosmetics fresh for longer periods of time as well as maintain the proper hygiene of your product. You don't want to cut any corners when searching for the right cosmetic jars because your product will ultimately suffer. Once you've found the best fit, it's easy to find great deals on wholesale cosmetic packaging. Then, if you decide to sell your latest creation to the public, your packaging will have the consistency and reliability that builds trust.