Does weed expire (go bad)?

If stored correctly, weed should not go bad. In fact, when kept in the proper packaging, marijuana can last a long time. It should maintain its freshness and potency for up to a year if kept in a sealed container away from heat, moisture, and light. 

However, when improperly stored, marijuana can go bad quickly. For this reason, it is important to follow proper storage guidelines to get the most enjoyment of your weed. Exposure to air causes weeds to wilt, lose its flavor and psychoactive compounds quickly. Similarly, weed packaged in plastic and left in the sun can get ruined easily. Although weed can lose its flavor and potency, it can still get you high. Some people say that they are able to tell if weed has lost its potency because it causes an unpleasant head high or sedative effect.

Does cannabis expire?

You might think that once you open that bag of weed, it starts to expire right away; however, cannabis does not expire on its own. The compounds in cannabis do in fact expire, but the plant itself does not. With this said, it can become moldy, most often earlier than later.

Once you cut or grind it, the weed will start to lose its smell and taste. If you have a large amount of marijuana, it is best to divide it into smaller amounts and store each portion in an air-tight container to use within a few weeks of opening.

THC starts to degrade as soon as you open it up, but it takes a long time to do so. Some marijuana can last for years without spoiling if stored appropriately. Marijuana that is kept out of direct sunlight should retain its potency for many years. It will lose some potency due to exposure over time, but it may be perfectly suitable for cooking or baking purposes even after that length of use. As with most foods and beverages, heat and light are the quickest ways to decrease the potency of your weed.

Proper Storage for your Cannabis

As mentioned previously, ensuring your weed is stored correctly is key to getting the most enjoyment from it. If you're not sure how to properly store cannabis, here are some helpful tips.

1. Use an air-tight container.

cannabis in air tight glass jars

First, if you are storing your marijuana in a plastic bag, make sure it has one of the best quality zippers on it, or better yet, invest in a lockable zipper top case. An air-tight seal is vital to help keep moisture and oxygen out of the package. For this reason, many people prefer to use air-tight glass jars or containers, such as mason jars. Mason jars are handy because they come with a rubber gasket and metal or plastic lid to help create an air-tight seal. Some mason jars come with plastic lids, but the metal lids are considered safer for storage purposes.

2. Keep your cannabis away from sunlight or heat sources.

Second, keep your flower away from direct sunlight. It will degrade THC at a much faster rate than if you leave it in your bedroom dresser drawer. It is recommended that you store your cannabis at a 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, as prolonged exposure to any higher temperatures will degrade your THC at a much faster rate. 

3. Use a humidity pack for your cannabis storage.

Third, a humidity pack will help regulate the moisture in your cannabis products and keep them fresh longer. Humidity packs are small single-use packets that absorb excess humidity when introduced into the jar or container with your cannabis. This is especially useful for those who live in humid climates or have a high ambient humidity level temperature inside their home.

If you want to keep your cannabis products as long as possible, our humidity packs from Green Tech Packaging can assist you.

What is marijuana suitable for if it has expired?

There are no negative effects of smoking spoiled weed that has been stored improperly. However, connoisseurs say that once weed is stale, even correctly stored, its flavor and abilities as a psychoactive drug become significantly degraded. Marijuana that has gone stale will not get you high anymore, but it can be used for other purposes such as cooking or baking.

Can my cannabis grow mold?

moldy cannabis

Though it is rare, mold can grow on marijuana if stored improperly. The cannabis plant has anti-fungal properties that help to protect it from mold attacks as it grows. With this said, mold can infect your marijuana plants at any point, especially if they are growing outside or stored in a humid environment. To prevent mold growth, you should consider keeping your marijuana stored in moist areas. If you happen to find mold growth on your cannabis, throw it away and ensure you use a new humidity pack with your next purchase. 

Final Words

If you find yourself in possession of bad weed that has been stored incorrectly, you need not worry about the effects. Although stale weed will not get you high anymore, it can still be used for baking or cooking. 

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