7 Tips for Packaging Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are undoubtedly one of the easiest and most versatile ways to enjoy cannabis. That's why so many people love them! They're also the easiest method to start making your at-home creations, which is why it's beneficial to learn how to package them properly.

Now that recreational cannabis is legal in several states, there's even more of a need to package your marijuana products safely. This couldn't be more important than when you're packaging tinctures! 

What are cannabis tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are concentrated forms of cannabinoids, usually achieved with the help of alcohol extracts through the solvent extraction method. They're also known as an ABV (already been vaped) concentrate and date back to the 1840s shamanic roots of cannabis use.

Cannabis tinctures are made out of cannabis that has been distilled. The process of making a tincture at home generally entails soaking marijuana in alcohol in a glass jar in the dark. The THC dissolves into the alcohol, while other parts of the plant material, such as fats and plant waxes, will sink to the bottom of the jar. Once it's all separated, you have a highly-concentrated cannabis tincture!

Why should I package my tinctures?

To extend their shelf life by a long shot! Not only does packaging your tinctures help them last longer, but it also allows you to share with others easily. Plus, they look classier on display.

What types of cannabis packaging are there for tinctures? 

There are many different kinds of packaging that can be used for bottling cannabis tinctures. Options range from cute little glass bottles with droppers, to repurposed liquor bottles that can be reused repeatedly.

Low-quality packaging has many disadvantages.

Most cannabis product packaging is made from plastics containing harmful chemicals that can leach out into the product (as per the poison prevention packaging act). As you may know, it's imperative to avoid heating or freezing any of your cannabis products, as this will cause BPA and other toxins to break down and make their way into your body.

7 Custom Packaging Tips for Cannabis Packaging

When it comes to packaging your tinctures, you want to keep a few key things in mind.

1. Know the health risks of plastics.

Plastics are everywhere these days, so it can be hard to avoid them altogether. But why even take the risk? When possible, use glass jars instead of plastic ones for storing your cannabis. If you feel like they need to be contained in something hardier than glass, opt for opaque tins instead of clear bottles made with plastic. This will serve you by eliminating any potential adverse effects caused by plastics containing BPA or other harmful chemicals.

2. Choose recyclable packaging whenever possible.

Recycling is great! When possible, opt for recyclable tincture packaging. The good news is that there are more and more options out there for recycled, sustainable tincture packaging these days, so it won't be hard to find what you need!

3. Take special precautions when using droppers.

glass tincture bottle with dropper

If you're bottling the tinctures in little glass bottles with droppers, make sure you only use the dropper to pour your tincture out of the bottle, not back into it. This will prevent any contamination or bacteria from getting into your product. It might also be a good idea to invest in some replacement droppers just in case one gets lost or breaks down over time - this way, you can easily swap them out without having to toss the entire product!

4. Child-resistant features and functionality are a must.

If you plan to sell your tinctures to the general public, it's critical to ensure their packaging is child-resistant. Not only is this regulated by some state laws for cannabis products, but it also makes good sense from a safety perspective. 

5. Label your product correctly.

Adhere to all packaging rules and regulations on labeling as set by your local government agency so that you can avoid legal trouble later down the road. Nowadays, many agencies allow for digital labels on the packaging, which is beneficial because it prevents any wear and tear from happening to your labels. The added advantage of this is that it enables you to reuse your tincture bottles or tins repeatedly!

6. Look for innovative options.

If you look around, there are many great options for reusable cannabis tincture packaging out there. You can find everything from beautiful colored glass bottles to reusable metal tins, all in various shapes and sizes.

7. Use the right tincture bottles and jars for your product.

cannabis tincture bottles in various colours

The right tincture bottles will depend on the consistency of your product. If it's thick, you'll want to use a pot with a wide mouth because it will make application easier. If it's thin, opt for something that has a dropper or an eyedropper so you can adequately measure out just the right amount.


There are many great options for reusable tincture packaging out there. You can find everything from beautiful colored glass bottles to reusable metal tins, all in various shapes and sizes. 

Whether you want to package your products yourself or hire someone else to do it for you, these tips will help you ensure that all of your hard work in the kitchen doesn't go to waste through improper packaging. The only limit is your imagination when it comes to cannabis tinctures, so get creative! 

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