7 Reasons Silicone Containers Are Your Best Choice for Packaging

You may not realize it, but you are currently surrounded by silicone. The modern world relies heavily on the unique material in applications as diverse as auto parts and food storage. Hospitals utilize silicone for its unique qualities as do engineers working at the cutting edge of technology. Silicone containers are also popular options for packaging due to the material's properties. But what are these mysterious benefits of using silicone for packaging?

Go Ahead… Try to Break It

Silicone is a type of rubber which uses a deliberately engineered alternating chain of silicone atoms and oxygen atoms to give it reliable durability and resilience. In fact, items crafted from silicone are often marketed as "unbreakable" and the material is popularly used in the manufacturing of integral components that require a heightened degree of ruggedness (such as auto parts). You can expect silicone containers to last a long time thanks to their intense durability. 

A Material That Can Stand the Heat

Silicone containers offer a much higher degree of heat resistance than plastic containers which is perfect for temperature-sensitive commodities. It also makes silicone an easy material to clean and maintain. Most silicone containers can be cleaned in a dishwasher without a second thought. It doesn't get any easier than that. 

The Right Silicone Containers are Odorless

Whether you're working with foods or other commodities that can emit a strong smell, you'll benefit from the odorless qualities of silicone containers. However, it's important to note that silicone containers are not always airtight. While the silicone material is adept at blocking the release of odor, a closure that isn't airtight may release odor anyway. 

Savor Flavor. Not Flavor Saver.

Silicone doesn't transfer flavor like some lower grade plastics so it's great for food and other commodities that require flavor preservation. There's nothing worse than alien flavors leaking into your product. If great taste is integral to you, silicone will surpass plastic. 

The Non-Stick Trick

If you're looking for wax containers, you'll benefit from the non-stick qualities of silicone. In the cannabis concentrates industry, silicone containers (and silicone lined plastic wax containers) are often used due to the tenacity of certain waxes and shatters. Non-stick silicone containers are also great for the storage of certain foods. 

Stainless Silicone

We mentioned that silicone can withstand the heat of being cleaned in a dishwashing machine but it's also stain resistant. You don't have to worry about silicone containers absorbing any residual discoloration from foods or waxes as you use them over the years. In short, you'll have no trouble keeping silicone clean and pristine. 

A Greener Option

Silicone is also regarded as a greener product than most plastics. This is because plastics are derived from crude oil while silicone is created from non-toxic silica. Silicone is not biodegradable but can still be recycled in certain cases. It's also inert so it won't break down, releasing toxic materials into the environment.  

Surely, a material with all of these qualities would cost a fortune. Surprisingly, silicone is a low cost material to manufacture so silicone containers have managed to remain competitively priced over the years. Whether you have a product that's tenaciously sticky, one that emits an odor you'd rather mask, or you're just looking for packaging that can really hold up against the elements, you can't go wrong with silicone containers.