3 Reasons Packaging Shatter with Glass Concentrate Containers Is Best

One underappreciated challenge in the cannabis industry is how to package, store, and display your products. It’s a problem all retailers face, but with cannabis products there are additional challenges to consider. These include making sure the containers are child-proof and compliant with relevant state and federal regulations. But how you display your products is also important for drawing in customers and promoting your brand.

For cannabis retailers, shatter can be one of the more troublesome products to display. It’s not something users can ingest, like a gummy or edible, and it’s not as pretty to look at as marijuana flower. Shatter also needs to be heated to be smoked, so you want the packaging to be heat-resistant.

There’s an easy solution to all of these problems if you’re a marijuana dispensary: glass concentrate containers from Green Tech Packaging. Here are three reasons why are glass concentrate containers are ideal for packaging shatter:

Glass Jars Are Heat Resistant

glass jars for shatter

Shatter is typically sought by heavy cannabis users because the effects are more intense than those achieved with other cannabis products. It also needs to be heated prior to use, which means you need a container that can take the heat.

With glass jars made using borosilicate, you get a laboratory-grade glass container that’s perfect for storing and heating shatter, as well as other cannabis concentrates. Because it’s laboratory-grade, the container itself can be heated without the user having to transfer the shatter out of the jar. This makes for a more convenient user experience, which they’ll appreciate.

Glass Jars Show Off Shatter’s Aesthetic Qualities

In addition to the more intense effects you sometimes find with shatter, another reason it’s popular with marijuana users is that it’s pleasing to look at. Shatter’s glass-like appearance gives it a reflective quality, and the deep amber color attracts attention. It makes sense to use these qualities to attract customers.

Of course, if you can’t see the shatter, then it doesn’t matter. Heat-resistant glass concentrate containers let potential customers see your product, and the tight seal on the jar also keeps the shatter fresh so users can be assured of its quality.

Glass Jars Are Great Opportunities for Branding

As it’s grown, the cannabis industry has become extremely competitive, so it’s important to stand out in a crowded market. Glass jars can easily be customized to promote your brand and bring in future customers.

The lid, label, and wrap of a glass jar can all be adorned with your logo and other branding. If you really want to stand out and give yourself a professional look, you can have a design etched into the side of the jar itself. No matter what approach you go with, extending your brand through your packaging is a smart move.

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