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Mylar Bag Tear Notch Clear Black 1 Pound - 100 Count


Price Per Unit
PET/PE Plastic, Heat Sealable, Tear Notch
14 3/5" x 16 3/7" x Bottom: 6"
Black Front / Clear Back / Clear Bottom
Capacity 1 - 3 Pounds Dry Flower
Quantity 100 bags
Use With
Flower, Food, Storage, Hemp, Cosmetic, Parts, Garden

The top choice of resealable pound bags among growers, pre-packagers, and distributors across all recreational, retail, and medical states.  This smell proof bag is designed with thick polyethylene to ensure that products are protected from the elements and remain safe during transport and distribution.  This bag was designed to to be see through on one side to allow for easy display and view of the contents packaged and easily labeled.  This bag features a strong resealing zipper along with a large 6" inch bottom gusset to allow for up to 3 pounds of dry flower or hemp storage.  The top flap can easily be heat sealed with any hand or machine heat sealer machine for a tamper evident seal.